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I am so late, I know. LJ was being evil 2 days ago, I was lazy yesterday and today I'm not feeling very well, but I'm going for some therapeutical writing. xD




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Biochemistry, or maybe not..

Am I just too easily amused?
On twitter I've been reading quite a few comments on how boring this week's Yan Yan Jump was, but I really thought it was all right. (My comments would be a bit more profound if had had seen a HQ version, but for now I can live with MQ)

Let me just start with: Why are even the adults in HSJ so cute?? I'm especially talking about Daiki & Yabu here! ^^
So no more Pressure 10, that also means no more boring batsu games and less people so it's easier to look at everyone. I think that the people who thought it was boring, must not really like the Jump members or the Juniors competing in this part. Or my other theory is that they dislike the game. I must admit if I had watched this half a year ago I would have thought the same, but there is no need to call something boring just because it's in a language you don't understand.  But, seriously gold stars & the arm movements in between turns, that's really cute! xD
The handball, well, it's still handball. =/ but my attitude towards it is 'meh', meaning: There are better things they could do, but since it's at least a bit different I can cope with it for a while. But HEY, not all the people of the YanYan team that were standing there got a chance to play! Don't they believe in Shintaro's handball talents?
The point of complaint I've been reading a lot and agree on is: Where were Keiti & Dragon-kun? =( At least NYC looked like they were having fun & there were cute Juniors. ^^

I would also hereby like to request for someone to translate the MC report in June's Myojo. ^^;

Btw: I got 75% on my ballet exam! YA~Y! (My best friend's reaction to it caused me to have some HIKARUMBL moments though...)

Did I say university is killing me? Well today there is a certain someone killing my brain functioning *points to icon*

Nakajima Kento, is there a reason why people are able to dislike you?? I started watching ‘Umareru’ yesterday and Nakaken = ♥♥♥. That boy can act!

I usually say I like stupid romance/ high school drama’s, but I must admit that once in a while I’m a sucker for ‘human drama’. I both love and hate crying my eyes out to something like that, unfortunately I don’t looks as sexy as Yamapi while crying. (Come on, anyone who has seen Buzzer Beat & likes Yamapi must admit he looks sexy while crying, right?)


more under the cut because of possible 'Umareru' spoilers =3Collapse )


University is kiling me! I was planning on sharing my fandom rants with eveyone and no one in particular that doesn't even make sense, does it now?
Last week I studied like crazy, but this week I totally lost my motivation. =( DAMN YOU, way to interesting genetics! You make all the rest seem boring!
And I failed and bought June's Duet, Myojo, Potato, Wink up & volume 2 of Wai Wai JUMP. oh dear.
What also, totally, completly sucks is the fact that my boyfriend laptop has decided to die, again! T.T I'm stuck with my crappy old one again. *sigh*
I'll g back to watching spleen & bone marrow images now while listening to some happy music

Btw: I love kiwi flavoured lollipops! ♥

April and it's 25°C, what's?

Right now it's easter holiday which means I'm at home for 2 weeks and I should be studying. yeah, so not happening.
My infection & defence course (that thranslation is too literal, I guess Immune system course would sound better) is just 1m away from me and it's actually not that complicated, but I just can't seem to get to it.

Anyone give me some motivation??

On a brighter note, these kind times when I'm constanly at home and I don't want to do anything useful are good for training my language skills. (This is the moment where any native English speaking person, and about 50% of the people reading this are going to think: 'yeah, you need to train your English skills, you suck' I know, thank you very much. :s)
I'm actually not talking about English, I get enough training, scince most of my textbooks are in English. I'm talking about French and Japanese. French is technically speaking my second language. So today I surpised myself! One of my friends asked me if I had watched 'Dance Drill', I hadn't so I wanted to watch it and found it on dailymotion. =D It took me 4 minutes into the series to realize the subs were in French! So weird. After I noticed it was like it suddenly got harder to understand. xD My head's a complete mess, I'm telling you!

I had something else I wanted to say, but I kind of forgot. oh dear, I'm becoming senile at the age of 18. Such a shame.