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F.A.C.T.S. 2012

So, I've managed to survive another edition of FACTS!

FACTS is basically the biggest geek convention in the Benelux and for me that translates to: cosplay party!!

This was the 4th edition I've been to and my outfits so far have been: Harajuku style, lolita and lolita, so this year I went with something a bit more original and I dressed up as Chinen! Meaning, the 7 outfit for the Arigatou PV and a short wig, but since I'm tiny, of course I would be Chinen. :p

Nobody knew who I was supposed to be so all day long, I kind of kept on repeating "I'm Chinen" in a high pitched voice, so after saying it about 50 times, someone asked me if I was a freaking pokemon with the way I kept on saying it. One of the most amusing things that day, really.

Here are some pictures: