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Merry Christmas! ^^

The end of the year is nearing. Time to think about all the things we failed to do this year, time for the newspapers to publish depressing overviews of all the things that happened in 2011, time to stress out about my exams getting closer, but also less than a year until the next edition of F.A.C.T.S.!

That means: time for me to think of a new cosplay outfit.

For the past 2 years I went in a Lolita outfit, but a third time would be boring. I’m not really all that much into anime anymore. I used to be a huge Bleach fan and there’s actually still some Bleach stuff in my room. (A wallscroll, a Urahara figurine and Bleach-Vocaloid mash up drawings I got for my birthday) And I’d make an excellent Hitsugaya, with me being so tiny, but it’s impossible to find a suitable wig that isn’t fugly.

The last anime I watched was probably Rozen Maiden, but that’s too close to Lolita-style, not original at all and I don’t think I’m suitable for any of the characters.

My dear friend C however, has an idea. She wants me to crossplay. xDD Which I find quite funny actually, since I'm such a girly girl and quite curvy. =3
On top of that, she wants me to cosplay some kind of JE person... We'll look for more concrete ideas on new years eve, I suppose. We aren't really agreeing yet on what to go for. She's thinking JE-style, AKA boa's, glitter and fur. While I'm thinking, cosplaying an actual (PV/performance) outfit. =S

But look what I found over here: http://www.cosp.jp/photo_search.aspx?l=40&b=0&k=hey%20say%20jump

I think the Arigatou outfit might actually not be too hard to make myself... sales are coming up soon-ish, so I suppose I could go look for fabric... ^^

Also, since it is the 24th already... MERRY CHRISTMAS! =D I hope you enjoy the holidays in whatever way you're spending them.
I'll be studying until 6pm and after that I'll be having diner with my uncle and mom. Nothing too fancy, but YAY FOOD! ^^