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I haven’t spent all that much time in front of my pc the past couple of days, so that means I actually have something to talk about! Isn’t that nice for a change? =P
There are four main points I want to address, so brace yourself!

I’ll start with the good part…  After about a month after the official release date, my local record store finally had Domoto Tsuyoshi’s Nippon CD delivered. Well, it was totally worth the wait. The cover art (is that a correct word for it?) isn’t my cup of tea, but that’s not what’s important, right? ^^
I must admit I hardly ever watch or listen to anything that involves Johnny’s over the age of 27 (=s), but I guess this is as artsy as JE gets and I really, really like it. I’m surprised at how un-expensive the CD was, because there was actually put effort into ‘making it Europe suitable’. There was of course a booklet with Japanese lyrics, but on top of that, there’s a booklet with translations in English, French and German. Also in that booklet, there are explanations about each song, kind of what makes the song so Japanese? (I haven’t read all of the pieces of text, but there’s at least one about how Dots usually performs one of the songs) That’s really something interesting!

I’m looking forward to more great stuff like this in the future! =D

On to point two of my list. The ‘We never give up’ PV.

Briefly put: Da fuq?

A bit more elaborate: I like the song, the PV is really nice to look at, BUT! My Kisumai biases are Fujigaya and Miyata. Fujigaya because he’s beautiful and does his job very well. Miyata is more because I instinctively just like him. In the same way that once I noticed Keito, just liked him and started liking him more and more. ♥ But even for me, there was a huge KiFT overdose. =.=

I wanted to see if my own reactions -and everyone who’s comments I was reading (I’ve read nothing good at all so far about that PV)- were just a case of over-reacting, so I showed that PV to my mom. My mom knows the name Kis-my-ft2, she can recognize Fujigaya and she knows Miyata is the otaku-chara, but she’s not biased. She said the song was great, she liked the dancing and she thought they all looked great. The only negative thing she said was that she didn’t like the switching between the 4 people dancing and the 3 people singing.

After that I did a bit of explaining to her, so her next reaction was: “Well, that’s all right if those 3 are always up front for one PV and the other 4 for the next PV.”

Cute mom, but that’s not going to happen. Not cool J.E./Avex/ PV director. Not. Cool.

The Birth PV , which I watched before the Kisumai Pv, reminded me of why I used to be a KAT-TUN fan. Wow, can I bias 3/5 members? ^^; Great song, way better than the other singles they had this year, the dance is amazing and it kind of made me want to watch Yokai Ningen Bem. (btw, I’ve fallen for Suzuki’s charm. Have you seen him on Arashi ni shiagare? Total cuteness overload! ♥)

Lastly, and this is totally about myself. Time to get out if you don’t want to hear about what’s going on inside of my head.
Everyone has something that they are really good at, right? Or at least something –some kind of interest- that makes that makes them special.
I still haven’t found my thing.

I’m not stupid, but I’m failing university. (partly because of my bad habits and lack of motivation)

Sure, I do ballet 2 hours a week, but I suck. No it’s not me thinking I suck, I really do.

I am able to read books in Dutch, French, English and maybe with some difficulty German, but it’s not as if I’m some language talent (like my father was!).

I’m a fangirl, but lots of girls are way more devoted to their idols than I’ll ever be.

I love writing a lot, but my inspiration (or should I say my passion?) dries out fast, so I hardly ever finish a story. Maybe if you know me or if you understand how my mind works, you will have noticed that behind most of the things I’ve written on lj there is a lot more that I want to say, but that simply doesn’t come out right or enough. (well, that’s why I failed my communication exam after all!)

I like clothes and shopping, but I’m nowhere near being a fashionista. (Do people still use that word?)

I can’t draw, I am physically unable to do lots of sports, I probably just give up to easy on a lot of stuff, I just don't have the confidence I can do anything…

I guess I’m very average, lots of people tell me I’m weird, but there is really nothing that makes me unique that I can think of…

If I am to believe this one girl I know, I should be able to find my good points, embrace them and love myself before I can even think about deep relationships (friends or lovers). I think she’s probably right, but I’ll be damned before I admit it.

If you are wondering where on earth all of this is coming from, a girl from my year (who has the same name as me, only it’s pronounced differently) has a blog. A really great blog. She’s been writing that blog for over 6 years now and the things she write are amazing. No flaily fangirl rants, no ‘today I did this and this’, no pictures of handcrafted stuff. Just her deep thoughts on everyday stuff.

It kind of made me stop and think that people, often a bit hidden, all have something that makes them amazing.

Maybe I just can’t see it for myself, so please, if you know what makes me special, what I’m good at, please let me know.  I guess I’ll look for my ‘amazing’ point for another while, I’m hoping it’ll be right around the corner…