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I might have changed my mind?

It feels like it's been a while since I posted something...

I went to see the family I'm following for the 'exploration of a family' project and I've fallen in love with their baby! 
I always used to say stuff like 'eww, babies', 'they're so pudgy and useless', but Robbe is really, really cute and smart and also very warm xD.

¨[EDIT:]I also realized having a healthy baby is a tiny miracla. So much stuff can go wrong! Statistically, getting pregnant is a miracle in itself. As far as I know, I'm physically perfectly able to bear children and until I thought about it today, I totally didn't want to have children at all, while there are so many people who really, really want kids and can't have them. Nature is cruel, I guess. Still doesn't make it any less unfair. 

The whole visit went better than I thought it would, even if I still am totally lacking in communication skills, I'm somehow getting there slowly! 

I was wearing my red dress today, hoping that it would bring me good luck. It mostly made me think about eh... the best day I had this year and it also made Robbe stare at me a lot, because 5 month old babies love red. ^^ 

This week was also the time for the osteology exam and I did fine. =) The assistant was quite friendly and most of my questions were obvious enough. I also talked to quite a few people that day! =D (I'm ignoring my very awkward moment with T that involved him trying to talk to me, 5 people standing in between us and me looking for a pen in my bag at that time ww)

For the complaining part of this post (since I always complain about something!) I wanted to say that Belgium sucks big time. I went to my local record store on October 26th to ask for Dots' Nippon album, they told me it would me out /soon/ and they would contect me when it arrived. I went back a couple of days ago to ask about it and now I was told that it's an import CD and that it might take a couple of weeks before it arrives. =/ 

I believe next week will be quite busy for me, so I'd better finish my baby task and go to bed early like the good little girl I am. ^^