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I decided to create a livejournal account because it makes it easier to keep track of fandom related stuff, so I'll probably use this journal mostly for fangirl rants. Rather then bothering my RL friends or just keeping it inside my head, it might even be good for me to get it of my chest... =D

You don't need to introduce yourself before adding me. But if you really want to introduce yourself, here might be a good place?  (Normally I won't lock my entries...)

 Nickname: Vi, Vivi (I'm notvery fond of this one), Onigiri

Age: 19

Birthday: January 16th

Blood type: A+

Height: 153 cm (and I’m proud of if!)

Weight: let’s not go there...

Country: Belgium

Hobby: ballet, fangirling, learning Japanese

Eyesight: 0.9

Glasses: R: +0.5, L: +0.75 (I don’t really, really need glasses)

Current haircut: trying to grow it out, so a very awkward shoulder lenght atm Short curly bob, I used to have Fujigaya style curls

Favourite snack: I love all snacks ice cream chocolate I can’t choose!

Favourite Japanese food: gyoza / raisu kare (or better both!)

Relationship status: single

Occupation: Medicine student

Siblings: none (yaa~y, I love being an only child)

Afraid of: social situations (I think I have some kind of social phobia, but I’m fine over the internet ^^;), bugs, most animals actually

Favourite Japanese word: hentai

Favourite quote: *points up* Hadaka ni natte nani ga warui? ^^

Favourite Japanese expression: isshoukenmei

Favourite colour: purple and pink (yes, yes, linked to who I like in Kisumai)

Random facts:

1.      I fangirl too many people

2.     Last time I checked, I knew the full names of 82 Johnny’s ^^(and I’m proud of it)

3.      I stumbled into the J.E. fandom thanks to Kamenashi in Yamato Nadeshiko

4.      I get distracted easily 

5.      I’m a girly girl

6.      I’m easily amused and easy to please

7.      My sleeping posture is really bad

8.      I have a lot of shoes

9.      90% of those are high heels :s

10. I suck at physical endurance related things, I can’t run a km without getting a ridiculously high hart rate.

11. Duet is my favourite Japanese magazine

12. I’ve never been to Japan

13. I love drawing, but I’m really, really bad at it

14. I mostly draw when I’m supposed to be studying

15. My close friends say I’m both an S and an M, I switch between the 2 according to the situation

16. I suck at writing. My thoughts are way faster than my pen/keybord and that frustrates me. Also fiction = impossible

17. I love York (no I didn’t forget the new)

18. I have one pair of Jimmy choo’s, I’ve had them scince I was 15 and I’ve worn them about 5 times :s

19. I’ve seriously been in love twice

20. I’ve been rejected indirectly but obviously twice

21. I do not have mysophobia

22. I don’t hate people even I sometimes say I do

23. I think snow prince (gasshoudan?)  are the cutest thing ever!

24. My favorite Johnny’s group are Hey!Say!JUMP

25. I have a slight bias towards 7 

26. I am extremely KY

27. I usually don’t cry in front of people

28. When at home I put my pony up with a rubber band like Kame did in Nobuta wo produce

29. I complain A LOT

30. I have raspberry wallpaper on the walls of my room

31. I have a signed Elliot Minor poster in my room

32. I can’t remember my best friend’s birthday

33. I can remember Yama-chan’s birthday

34. My friends tell me my facial expressions are hilarious

35. I used to be a big Vampire Knight and Bleach fan (then JE came along)

36. I’m bad at crossword puzzles

37. I like cooking

38. I’m not very good at cooking, my style is chaotic

39. I’ve been making my own dinner 4/7 evenings since I was 13

40. My favourite teddy is a rabbit called Konijntje Sam Langoor

41. I’m lazy

42. I love Japanese dorama

43. I like listening to people speaking Japanese

44. I have hair that’s suitable for a perm

45. I talk to myself when I’m alone

46. I sometimes sing in the shower

47. I eat more ice cream during winter then during summer

48. I get easily tipsy on champagne

49. I skipped a grade in kindergarten

50. I like Nishikido better in Kanjani8 than in News =3

To anyone who has read this whole thing, congratulations! ^^


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Nov. 29th, 2011 08:51 am (UTC)
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I always like to have a read about such things, my blog is related if you want to have a look round it please feel free. I have added yours to my bookmarks.
Nov. 29th, 2011 08:13 pm (UTC)
Re: small sized cars
Thank you, I'm highly flattered. =)

I would love to have a look at your blog, how can I find it? Maybe you could send me a link?
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